About The Artist

Eclectic & a bit of an outlier, Jeff Wright has always been one to dive in head first and make things happen.


He values straight-forward & honest communication, relentless pursuit of passion, collaboration and aberrant style.


He also really doesn't like writing about himself in 3rd person, but believes in doing whatever it takes to get the job done.


His love of photography comes from a deep-seeded curiosity in all manner of things and a powerful sense of adventure. He also can't stand doing the same thing every day, so photography is the perfect gig to keep him on his feet and provide him with an eclectic array of things to do.

Throughout his career, Jeff has photographed everything from pumpkin carving parties and weddings, to CEO's, golf courses, cow intestines, MMA fights and restaurants.

Jeff has created exceptional content for over 50 local businesses in the Dallas, TX area and beyond. 

Skating downhill, riding motorcycles, practicing Mixed Martial Arts, hammocking in precarious places, playing Ukulele and trying any kind of food or drink without asking many questions are some of his passions. 

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