Authentic Visual storytelling

I take a unique approach to advertising photography; blending fine art, storytelling and journalism with high end editing and lighting techniques to create unforgettable imagery for brands of all sizes and industries. 


My work is clean and precise, yet honest to real life. Most other high-end advertising photographers over-style, stage and pose things to "perfection", which sterilizes imagery and removes the relatability and authenticity. 

I create authentic and relatable scenes which really speak to and communicate with PEOPLE. Life isn't perfect, imperfect is authentic. Authentic is relatable. Relatable sells. Nobody wants to buy a lie. 

Boutique, artisan and outdoor/lifestyle brands are my specialty. 

My process starts with a consultation to understand your work, your target audience, problems you face and how I fit in to solve them. 

We will work together to determine the scope and timeline of your project, nail down the specifics of the images you need created and define the purpose they will serve. 

I will then execute the plan, shoot, edit and deliver your images. 

Photography is an engaging, creative and expressive medium for communicating the soul of your brand to your clients and relating to them on a deeper level. The planning of your images is a time to determine exactly how you want to grab your target audience's attention and the best way to communicate what you can offer them from a visual standpoint. 

My rates and services are transparent, flexible and negotiable. I am very aware that each project is unique in a limitless variety of ways. 


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